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Very high Mysql CPU usage and low memory usage with Nginx+php-fpm solution

Just a very short post here as I wanted to share some finding on a problem I recently encountered.
On one of my websites I was implementing a Jcart Shopping cart instead of just the previous ‘buy now’ button to do some A/B testing to see what does better. When the implementation was done everything was […]

Mysql 2 Search PHP class made public

Mysql 2 Search PHP class made public

I decided to release a search class which I use for several of my website to the public to use. The collection of 2 classes use 3 techniques to search a mysql database which are:

Full text search (for MyISAM or InnoDB with Mysql version 5.6)
Like search (simplest method, not recommended)
Sphinx search (needs Sphinx installation, recommended)

The […]

PHP: Mysql to Excel and Excel to Mysql

For the back-end of all my websites I use a self made CMS¬† / eCommerce system (called ICS), in this system I have build a module for website translations using Mysql for all site content. With that I created a Excel import and export function to be able to send all the text files to […]

[PHP] Recursive array search with multiple results

Ok, so for I needed a function to search in a multidimensional array with an unknown dept for values and returning the base keys. So first I started at and I searched google. It was easy to find such a function when it just presented one result or just a ‘yes, the value […]