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Google +1 good for SEO good for customers

Google +1 good for SEO good for customers

For one of my websites I just added the Google +1 button. As you probably already know it is very similar to the Facebook ‘Like’ or ‘Recommend’ button and it can help your SEO for organic search and of course also the social aspect of people vouching for your website helps you get more visitors.

So […]

Style (path) Constants in phpBB3

I was just searching for couple hours where I could find some constants used in phpBB code. The ‘PHPBB_ROOT_PATH’ was pretty easy as that is found in index.php however some others took me bit longer but (in the end) are pretty logical located also. I was searching for constants like ‘T_THEME_PATH’, ‘T_TEMPLATE_PATH’ etc. Well for […]

phpBB3 CompleteBan mod

I just finished my first modification for phpBB3 forum. I wrote this mod for because it got annoying banning spammers 3 times on their email, IP and username. This small mod will ban a spammer (bot) on all 3 just with one click. It can also delete all user’s posts and full ban the […]

Android Java course

Currently I’m going an online Android Java course to refresh my JAVA knowledge and get myself ready for making apps on Android mobile phones. I’m doing this course via, now it is not very expensive so I can’t expect to much but the quality of the different courses I get is far from high […]

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