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Very high Mysql CPU usage and low memory usage with Nginx+php-fpm solution

Just a very short post here as I wanted to share some finding on a problem I recently encountered.
On one of my websites I was implementing a Jcart Shopping cart instead of just the previous ‘buy now’ button to do some A/B testing to see what does better. When the implementation was done everything was […]



2012 was a big year for SEO with a lot of changes which are being continued in 2013. Google is doing a better job getting rid of low quality websites and some businesses got hit pretty hard because of that.
I believe there are 2 sides to the sword, on one hand I think it is […]

Inno Setup – creating an installer as downloader

For the Simlock Remote Server software I needed to create a good installer that downloaded files based on installer components selected by the user and then installed the downloaded files. There are some commercial solutions for creating installers however there is also a very good and free one called ‘Inno Setup‘.
I was completely new to […]

AwayDaddy debacle

In case you haven’t heard this yet (I was a bit late also) in the US of ridiculous they are trying to push a new act called ‘SOPA’, basically this means no more privacy, no more right for all internet users. Many many people and also companies are against it and support petitions and actions […]

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