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AwayDaddy debacle

In case you haven’t heard this yet (I was a bit late also) in the US of ridiculous they are trying to push a new act called ‘SOPA’, basically this means no more privacy, no more right for all internet users. Many many people and also companies are against it and support petitions and actions to stop this act being pushed through. However there is also a list of companies that support this ridiculous idea. In my opinion this list should be everybody his/her bible for companies to avoid buying from / doing business with. Of course this is not super easy as there are some very big names in that list (including all big movie / music companies).

However there are also some surprises in that list such as GoDaddy. A big domain registrar and hosting company. They are basically saying our customers have no rights and whenever any company listed on that list and USA government asks for it we will just take your domains / websites and give ’em to them. OVER MY DEAD BODY, I say.

Then there is also a older issue which I apparently missed at the time, that mister CEO of GoDaddy Bob something thinks it is a noble thing (his words) to go to Africa and kill some wild elephants for the fun of it. Well F YOU GoSOPA KillElephants company! Me and my 38 domains are moving away, as fast as we can!

Where to go?
After quite some research, contacting various others I decided to move to First of all they don’t like killing elephants either (I asked them specifically 🙂 ) and they are against SOPA like any other smart people / companies. And also very important; they are WAY cheaper then Godaddy and offer free life-time domain privacy (also saving me much more money).

Some other alternatives I looked at:

  • (a close second for me, very possible I will move some other domain extensions that not yet supports here)
  • (heard good things but they are REALLY expensive)
  • (failed to respond)

And a bunch more but based on their websites / prices / offer I didn’t bother contacting them.

So I’m now in the process of transferring the domains, of course Godaddy with their terrible website is making it hard and they already rejected some transfers because of the stupid domainsbyproxy (even though I received an EMAIL from domainsbyproxy where I specifically approved the transfer) which I then had to figure out all logins for that and then first completely remove the privacy (done and done).

By now (because I’m hardly the only person with this anti Godaddy opinion) hundreds of thousands of domains have been moved away from GoDaddy and they ‘changed their viewpoint’. Now say they are against SOPA. Well good for them but that still leaves the elephant killing, the general dumb ass CEO and just the simple fact I don’t believe a WORD they say any more.

I HIGHLY recommend EVERYBODY to move his/her/their domains away from GoDaddy! MANY other registrars are offering nice discounts to move away from GoDaddy, so act now! Just don’t be blinded by transfer prices only. The most important price to look at is RENEWAL prices for your domains.

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