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PHP: Mysql to Excel and Excel to Mysql

For the back-end of all my websites I use a self made CMS  / eCommerce system (called ICS), in this system I have build a module for website translations using Mysql for all site content. With that I created a Excel import and export function to be able to send all the text files to independent translators. However I was always limited to CSV format which at times caused some problems with the content.

I’ve been searching for a good solution for using real Excel (xls, xlsx) files for quite some time and now I’ve finally found a really good one! I already knew PEAR has such a package however I didn’t feel like using PEAR for my system. I’ve been testing the system and it is awesome it not only is able to write and read xlsx (office 2007) xls (office 2005) files but also pdf and a lot more.

Have a look at phpexcel.
It is also very easy to work with this package 🙂

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